15th EU-NGO Forum On Human Rights


The Fight Against Impunity" and "Accountability of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights


Brussels 5-6 December 2013


The EU-NGO Forum on Human Rights is an annual conference that provides a venue for direct interaction and in depth discussion between representatives of global civil society and the EU institutions. EU Member States and international organizations on various topics related to the promotion and protection of human rights.


This year's 15th edition overarching theme was "Accountability" articulated into two distinct, yet interrelated, thematic threads: "The Fight Against Impunity" and "Accountability of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights".


The Forum ran over two full days with one plenary session at the opening and one at the closing. In between, two distinct sets of panels run in parallel, each further breaking down into a smaller working groups to enable focussed discussion on specific topics to take place.


We got a golden opportunity to present on the cooperate social accountability in relation with access to justice. We talked about the issues of workers on the tea gardens in Assam and Nazdeek's legal strategies for holding corporate accountable for violation of human rights.


For more info visit: http://www.eidhr.eu/events/15th-eu-ngo-forum-on-human-rights


Nazdeek’s Thanks-Giving Campaign

We are celebrating our first year at Nazdeek with a 30-day Thanks-Giving campaign.


As we reflect on this journey, we honor the community members, grassroots organizations, and leaders who have worked with us, and inspired our fight for justice. Together we have helped tea garden workers reclaim their rights and improve their working & living conditions in Assam. We have trained over 50 activists and lawyers on using the law as a tool to advance social and economic rights. We have documented stories of atrocities against dalit and tribal communities in 6 states, and identified community-based strategies to tackle discrimination.


This work was only made possible by individual donations from across the world. To continue this fight, we ask for your support.


Donate and share Nazdeek’s Thanks-Giving campaign to help us bring justice close. 




From the rural districts of Rajasthan to the streets of Delhi NCDHR is a leading voice in the fight for Dalit rights around the country. We thank NCDHR for being courageous and resilient in their commitment to equality, and bringing the voices of the poor and marginalized to the ivory towers of Parliament. You lead by example and we are honored to be working by your side.




We thank the Gadia Lohar Community for putting up a brave fight against illegal demolitions carried out by the Delhi Government. The result of their fight paved the way for protecting the housing rights of millions of slum dwellers across India 




Basanti Topno, a Block Coordinator in PAJHRA’s HUL team. We’ve been fortunate to work closely with Basanti this past year, and have seen her embrace a rights-based approach to address human rights violations suffered by tea garden workers. We thank Basanti for translating Nazdeek’s model to the ground.



We thank Iqbal, a Tezpur lawyer and member of Nazdeek’s legal network, for pushing the boundaries of conventional legal advocacy to expand access to justice. Nazdeek worked with Iqbal to obtain a bail order for 8 Rohingya refugees who were unlawfully detained and abused by the government.
We thank the Dalit Women’s Collective in U.P. who view an attack against an individual as an attack against the community, warranting a collective response. The Women’s Collective supported the family of a young Dalit girl who was raped, providing them the strength and courage to pursue their case despite repeated threats to compromise.
We thank our project partner Pajhra, an Adivasi-based organization that works with tea garden workers, for being courageous in their fight for re-claiming Adivasi identity within the tea gardens. For 10 years you’ve been working on the frontlines in Assam, and we’re grateful to have started our first project with you.
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